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Your C4 Corvette is an automotive experience. It's a truly unique vehicle to own and to drive. But it is also a labor of love. It requires attention and care. You don't just want your C4 Corvette engine to run well - you also want it to look good. At Corvette Mods, we strive to make it easy for you to care for your Corvette.

Here, you can purchase what you need to keep your C4 driving great. From C4 Corvette engine parts to C4 Corvette engine accessories, Corvette Mods has the right performance Corvette parts to care for your Vette and unleash power you never thought possible. Depending on your needs and your budget, parts from any or all of these segments could find a place under the hood of your ride. Repair parts for your C4 Corvette are designed to keep your car running like it was made to run.

Let's face the facts: the C4 Corvette isn't a new car. Without proper maintenance, it won't keep running forever. When it comes to your car, it is never a good idea to fool around with substandard parts. C4 Corvette parts such as our OEM air filters, standard oil filters, replacement fuel hoses, and gasket kits are ideal for doing routine maintenance.

We also offer Corvette throttle body rebuild kits, radiators, and master brake cylinders to replace parts that have worn out or been damaged in an accident. Performance Corvette parts are made for the driver who is looking to get the most from his or her car.

There is nothing like a new intake or upgraded mass airflow sensor to breathe some excitement back into an engine that may seem to be past its prime. We offer ignition system upgrades and new starters to help your vehicle roar to life every time.

Install high-performance transmission coolers, flywheels, performance clutches, and shift improvement kits to help the newfound horsepower in your C4 Corvette engine actually get to the wheels.

Cosmetic or dress-up Corvette C4 parts are intended to make your engine look good. However, they can also have an impact on performance. A set of mandrel bent stainless steel headers not only looks great but can also reduce engine temperature and give you just a bit more horsepower. High-temperature vacuum hoses and aluminum spacer adjusting rods are other ways to help the engine both look and perform better.

Whatever engine parts you need to make your C4 Vette live up to its potential, you can be certain that Corvette Mods has them. We also have the experience needed to help you make sure the parts you buy will fit right every time.

Throw in the convenience of one-stop shopping and competitive prices and you have a winning combination! Performance Upgrades. Fuel System. Transmission Related.

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LS Conversion. Find C4 Corvette engine parts for the following model years: Browse By Category. My Account. Top Sellers. Select Brand.C4 Corvettes are -- by nature -- performance machines precision engineered to offer their drivers the power and handling that real auto enthusiasts demand. This type of driver may well be interested in customizing their car, and the modifications they are most likely to undertake are those that help the vehicle perform better.

Getting more oomph out of a Corvette can be as simple as changing out one critical part, or it can involve a complete replacement of entire systems, depending on the abilities and desires of the car's owner. C4 Corvette Smooth Intake Coupler.

cammed C4 lt1 corvette finally on the road again

Status: Available. C4 Corvette Air Intake Housing. C4 Corvette Accelerator Cable. C4 C5 Corvette Shock Simulators. C3 C4 Corvette Thermostat - Degree. C3 C4 Corvette Automatic Transmission Cooler.

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C4 Corvette Rebuilt Rear Differentials. DEI 36in x 40in Heat Screen. Y-Block Fitting - Size Options. JLT Oil Separator 3. Performance parts for a car like the Vette is a fairly inclusive category. It covers everything from the air intake to the exhaust system, including things like heat shield and cooling ducts as well as control chips, MAFs and other sensors and even regulators. Upgrade and relocation kits and heavy duty parts to help the Corvette apply its substantial muscle are all easily available performance modifications.

Replacement of the throttle and parts associated with it also fall into this category. Finding the right part for a specific modification can be involved.The model year would mark the final year of both the C4 and the Generation II small block engine that powered it. As such, Chevrolet was prepared to commemorate its departure by offering two special edition Corvettes, both of which would feature an upgraded version of the LT1 power plant.

The LT4 engine featured a number of enhancements over its LT1 counterpart. To start, the LT4 received newly designed aluminum heads that featured taller ports and bigger valves; 2. Each of these valves had hollow stems that were specially designed to save weight. They each received special oval-wire springs that could handle increased lift without binding.

Revised lift specs called for 0. In addition, Cam duration was increase from degrees to degrees on the intake side and degrees to degrees on the exhaust side. Other improvements that were developed solely for use on the LT4 included a freer-flowing intake which featured taller ports to match the headsa roller-type timing chain, and a compression increase to It was for this reason that the LT4 engine was specified for the multiple special edition Corvettes that year.

It would be made available to consumers as both a coupe and a convertible. If the Special Edition Corvette was a welcome addition, the limited-edition Grand Sport was nothing short of a game-stopper. Unlike the ZR-1, which showcased a wider backend, the Grand Sport featured rear render flares to cover the wider back tires.

1996 corvette performance upgrades

All Grand Sports —both coupes and convertibles- were equipped with a six speed manual transmission. Likewise, all Grand Sports were equipped with the newly revised LT4 5. In all, Chevy built 1, Grand Sports, and each was given a special, sequential serial number.

Corvette Central Performance

Since the new LT4 engine redlined at 6, rpm rpm more than the LT1 enginemodels equipped with the LT4 engine included a special 8, rpm tachometer instead of the standard 6, rpm tachometer. Despite its improved horsepower over the LT1 enginethe LT4 was not considered a showstopper for many automotive reviewers that year. The fact remained that while the LT4 produced an extra 30 horsepower than the LT1there was no notable difference in acceleration.

Another noted complaint of the LT4 engine was the fact that, because it lacked an engine oil cooler, it tended to overheat at sustained top speeds of around miles per hour. At the same time, the tires were also recognized for improving the Grand Sports cornering abilities, although it was determined that they also caused excessive over-steering during extreme handling situations while at high speeds.

Beyond the engine, other revisions were made to the entire Corvette line for The standard four-speed automatic transmission received a number of minor revisions which resulted in better shift quality.

Additionally, the introduction of new torque converters promised greater and prolonged durability. Available under option code RPO F45, the Real Time Damping suspension calculated the optimal damping mode for its custom shock absorbers to maintain ride and handling quality via data that was gathered from individual sensors at each of the four wheels.Looking for parts for your C4 Corvette?

Well you came to the right place, Corvette Guys carries a slew of Corvette products that will keep your C4 rolling in first class style. Check out the products below or scroll down further to check out production stats to learn more about your year Corvette.

The last year of the C4 Corvette brought about the new LT4 motor for manual transmissions only while automatic transmissions were coupled with the LT1 motor. The Grand Sport came with the LT4 motor that cranked out hp and lb-ft of torque.

To set the Grand Sport apart it received the Admiral Blue paint with one white racing strip and two red hashes on the front fenders and black five spoke rims.

The Grand Sport Convertibles came with a white top. The Collectors Edition received special paint as well, Sebring Silver Metallic, and could have the LT4 and 6-speed manual transmission if requested otherwise it came with the LT1 and an automatic transmission. The Special Edition Convertibles came with a black top. Both the Grand Sport and Special Edition were limited releases and mark the end of the 12 year run of the C4 Corvette.

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Grid view List view. Select options. C4 USA C4 More for the Corvette Enthusiast: Corvette Overview The last year of the C4 Corvette brought about the new LT4 motor for manual transmissions only while automatic transmissions were coupled with the LT1 motor.

Tweet Facebook. Add to Wishlist.Click here for details. Aftermarket performance parts can elevate your Corvette to a whole new level. Imagine enhancing the sports vehicle you love through exciting modifications for horsepower, handling and fuel economy.

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of products, including the largest supplier and manufacturer of Corvette parts. Top Flight Automotive is your one-stop shop for Corvette upgrades designed for real-world applications.

Whether you own a vintage generation or appreciate the latest releases from Corvette, look no further than Top Flight Automotive for your performance parts. Our expert staff brings over years of combined experience to serving the Corvette community.

We speak fluent Corvette! Corvette performance parts are designed to restore or replace the factory systems of your favorite ride. Our online store is stocked with the gear you need for Corvette projects both large and small.

Top Flight Automotive carries aftermarket parts for every Corvette generation that has left its mark on history:. Our aero kits restore and improve the chassis of your vehicle.

They provide the best control and handling experience for driving at all speeds. We offer the perfect balance of downforce and drag for all Corvette models.

Performance packages include larger end plates to the front splitter and a transparent wicker bill on the rear spoiler for track use. For a more aerodynamic cockpit, try one of our windscreen air deflectors.

Need help? Whether you are restoring a classic C1, or are in the market for the new mid-engine C8, our expert staff can guide you towards the right solutions that meet your specific needs. For continuous airflow to your Corvette engine, choose our performance air intake systems.

Gain additional horsepower for your vehicle by installing air intake performance systems such as:. Cooling systems are one of the most effective ways to maintain your vintage Corvette vehicles.

Over time, mechanical movement and high pressure gases create stress on older models. Keep your Corvette cool under the hood with the following aftermarket performance units in our online store:.

1996 corvette performance upgrades

Top Flight Automotive supplies a variety of front air dams for bumpers to alter how air travels across your Corvette at higher speeds.

Our air dam performance parts help reduce drag while traveling. In some cases, improvement air dams will increase the air supply to the radiator of your vehicle for better circulation under the hood. Exterior performance parts make all the difference when traveling at high speeds.With C4 Corvette mods you can increase both the appearance and the performance of your vehicle.

The Chevy Corvette has been an incredible force in the car world for decades, combining an incredibly tuned V8 engine and a sleek, futuristic-looking chassis built for speed. It is no secret that the Corvette is a pinnacle for speed and function, but how is it possible to make the Corvette even better?

1996 corvette performance upgrades

This article will focus on the C4 Corvette, detailing the years — These mods, thoroughly researched and tested by other owners, will include topics such as engine modifications, suspension management, and everything in between in order to make your C4 Corvette the first on race day.

Juice up the engine with forced induction! This mod, considerably the most expensive in the one thousand dollar range really packs a wallop of power for your engine. Forcing more air into the mix means more power in combustion, so slamming the throttle produces a more responsive pull.

A turbocharger deals with spent fumes recycled into the engine, meaning higher RPM power. A supercharger deals with lower end RPM ranges, meaning that from a stop, your C4 Corvette will take off much faster. These mods can produce considerable power, totaling up to or even greater than an additional hp.

Top Seven C4 Corvette Mods

This option replaces the restrictive stock exhaust system for a free-flowing, more breathable option. This allows for more air to move through the engine after it is spent, meaning more air can come in.

This mod replaces the original, restrictive exhaust that may be rusted or leaking with stainless steel, high-quality free-flowing one. Horsepower gains state up to 15hp, and what is even better are the sounds the exhaust makes with such a wide-open exhaust system setup. This C4 Corvette mod is not for speed, but with great power comes great responsibility.

When going fast, it helps to be able to stop more quickly, evening out the balance between acceleration and deceleration. Replacing the brakes with rotors that are drilled or slotted will help with the cooling of the brakes, meaning they stay efficient and wear out less quickly. Another option would be bigger calipers, allowing for a double piston brake caliper setup, meaning thicker, bigger pads and more stopping power.

These are not as much C4 Corvette mods, but a correct way to set up your ride in order to achieve a maximum effect. A car can not move without an appropriate tire. As a result, giving the car one with performance in mind gives it an edge on the street. Street performance tires are made with a special formula that allows the tire to get hot more quickly, and grip the road with a less firm tread.

Another option on the track is performance track tires, increasing this effect. These should never be used on the road. One last way to improve this setup is to couple your performance tire with a lightweight wheel.


Though 20lbs versus 14lbs does not seem like a big difference, the difference multiplies under the concept of rotational mass. The less weight it takes to get the car moving means the quicker a car can accelerate up to speed. There are plenty of options for stylish, durable, and lightweight wheels on the performance market. These C4 Corvette mods, depending on how old your car is, maybe what you need to get your car feeling like it did coming out of the factory. This may include ball joints, control arms, tie rods, sway bar links, etc.

All of these pieces wear out over time, causing decreased performance when taking turns and corners. These pieces may also be swapped for performance-minded ones as well.

For instance, a thicker sway bar, meaning tighter turns and more resistance against cornering, or polyurethane bushings that are thicker and more resistant to flexing.

1996 corvette performance upgrades

Another option would be to replace the stock springs and shocks. Aroundmiles, a set of shocks and struts typically wear out, causing decreased performance in ride and handling. Refreshing these or upgrading to an option like Bilstein or Koni gives an incredible feeling when driving, and keeps you seated in the corners.Eckler's Corvette is open, shipping daily and ready to meet all of your automotive needs.

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Learn More Shop By Part Diagram. The C4 Corvette was introduced in March and ran through With a larger interior, fully digital instrumentation, and sleek modern look the C4 Corvette was the most dramatically different Corvette since the Sting Ray.

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The T-top roof of the previous model were replaced by a full Targa roof and the hatchback opening became a part of all C4 Corvettes. Everything mechanical about the C4 Corvette was significantly better.

Corvette Performance Packages

The suspension system used composite transverse leaf springs, the steering was by rack-and-pinion for the first time, the brakes were oversized discs, and the frame featured a large aluminum C-section beam that made for a stiffer structure.

Initially all C4 Corvettes came with an automatic transmission, the same four speed that was first introduced in In a later run of the C4 a Borg-Warner t four speed manual transmission was available. The manual transmission of the C4 Corvette featured an overdrive unit between the transmission and the driveshaft and would engage in gears 2, 3 and 4. In late a C4 convertible was introduced, the first Corvette Convertible seen for 10 years. This model had the honor of being the pace car for the Indianapolis and decals commemorating the event were shipped with each C4.

The C4 Corvette saw 2 anniversary editions, the first in The 35th Anniversary Edition, a white themed Corvette including white wheels, door handles and side strip. A special run 0f Grand Sport Corvettes, coupes and convertibles painted Admiral Blue with a distinctive white strip were produced in to mark the end of the C4 Corvette. Upgrading, modifying or restoring your C4 Corvette? Titusville, FL - We detected that your JavaScript seem to be disabled.

You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Product Experts Available Cart Summary. Shop By Brand. Security Assurance. Connect With Us.

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